Adultery left her to suicide

A newly married woman named Anitha from the village of Erragodi Thanda, Mahabubabad, has committed adultery with her husband’s father, Veeranna. Later her husband warned her of her affair which made her and her father-in-law elope with some cash and her husband’s ATM card. Knowing the news, her husband blocked the ATM card and the couple found themselves comfortable for 40 days with whatever money left and had to comedback finally to their house.

Anitha had left for her mother’s house but her parents did not allow her in and the villagers’ gossipping appeared to be an insult making her sensitive of her mistakes. The woman found it hard to forgive herself and could do not help herself but commit suicide. She herself had expressed her mental state on the death note before committing suicide. Both Anitha and her father-in-law attempted suicide but the latter was found alive holding his last breath and was immediately taken to the nearest hospital for treatment.