Chiranjeevi slams Mohan Babu

Chiranjeevi slams Mohan Babu

It is known that megastar Chiranjeevi and dialogue king Mohan Babu are good friends in personal but when it comes to their profession there has been many instances where the two veterans got into verabal fights.

Coming to the news, on an occasion of honoring Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, Mohan Babu stated that the legendary actor’s wife, Annapurnamma always praised him and used to say that he acts better than ANR. After Mohan Babu’s speech, Chiru took the mic and said that Annapurnamma had just complimented him comparing with ANR but she really did not mean that Mohan Babu is a better actor. He added that ANR is a legend it would be foolish to compare him with others.

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