Does Jagan have a chance till 2024?

Does Jagan have a chance till 2024?

Recent survey by a national organization has confirmed that the alliance of TDP and BJP will win the elections of 2019. The survey seems to have motivated the leaders of both the parties whereas it did not go well with those of YSR Congress Party.On a parallel note, a renowned website has condemned the same survey claiming that it had been brought out by a TDP supporting organization to showcase the false reports.

However, the truth is that the survey was done by a renowned organization named VDP Associates which has been working in the same way for many years. It has revealed that the alliance of TDP and BJP would win 47% of votes in Andhra Pradesh and YSRCP would continue as the opponent bagging 40% votes. Congress and Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena would have the remaining 3% votes.

On a final note, false claims of the particular website on the national survey were already proved wrong hinting at Jagan’s loss in 2019 elections.

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