Police put an end to girl trade

Police put an end to girl trade

Trading with minor girls is one crime that has been takin rapid growth in the country. As per the reports, West Bengal is said to have turned into a nest for this racket. Latest news is that the police have caught three criminals who had been a part of this racket. Pathan Sajid Khan, his wife Parveen and a person named Asad Omar were said to be the culprits. Information says that a vast number of minor girls are being sold and moved to countries like Mexico.

Police stated that the three criminals had been fooling the parents of minor girls in the name of jobs in foreign countries and had sold them to prostitute gangs. They have also stated that some of the poor people are voluntarily selling their children to these criminals due to poverty issues.

Police further confirmed that Pathan Sajid Khan and his wife Parveen have two daughter and had been moving the minor girls to other countries pretending to be their parents. Both were caught during an immigration to other country when the airport officials found their passports as forged ones.

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