AP vs TG on Entry Tax

AP vs TG on Entry Tax

AP vs TG on Entry Tax

AP vs TG is going on regarding the Entry Tax issue , The bifurcation of Telugu talking states has seen numerous guarantees being split and numerous affirmations discarded. “Despite the fact that we get differentiated on a geographical premise, we will be united as a solitary group of brothers and sisters,” was one of the trademarks of Telangana development and this announcement doesn’t look substantial with the new steps being taken by the Government of Telangana.

In an unforeseen turn, the Transportation division of Telangana state has chosen to impose Tax on the approaching vehicles from neighboring condition of Andhra Pradesh. This has infuriated the entire Telugu group and few have officially raised their complaint to this new demonstration.

Independent of the reaction, Telangana government is not ready to miss out the income created from the gathering of Entry Tax. Reacting to this, AP Transport Minister has censured the new GO issued by Telangana authorities. “We are profoundly irritated by this new GO and this will be a huge weight on everybody of us. We don’t need this to happen at any rate for the impending 10 years. I’ve by and by attempted to chat with TS Transport Minister Mahender Reddy and there was no outcome.

When we are not exacting duties on vehicles originating from TS, in what manner would they be able to do this,” said the Transport Minister.



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