Jaya lalitha to request Superstar

The politician turned actress Jayalalitha, who is gained as AMMA by the Tamilians is planning ahead when compared to other politicians of Tamilnadu. Jayalalitha being responsible as CM of Tamilnadu introduced many schemes for the development and welfare of Tamil voters which made her life to lead a safe political life.

Jaya,who seems to be worried of elections ahead is now planning herself to be safe and ahead by attracting film actors and leading industrialist to make upcoming elections more glamorous that may make her to win and continue as Cm of Tamilians. The unmarried politician now started his guide her beloved and trusted party officials to meet the stars and offer them a good chance of being part of their campaign

Now, time has come her request Super Star Rajinikanth to either remain calm or support her for welfare of tamil people who are treating Rajini as god next to her. It is known that Rajini was announced the prestigious Padma Vibhushan by BJP lead NDA government and also rumoured many times of Rajini’s entry whenever a politician meets him. Rajini A Few days back denied to speak when he was asked of his political entry when he was caught speaking to media at Chennai airport.

Lets wait further to know either Rajini enters politics alone starting a new party as he quoted that “Lions always enters Alone” in one of his films or join hands with Modi, who personally visited him during Elections or Supports Jaya, who shared screen with him in past. But most of the critics comments that Rajini keeps calm asusal as he did before

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