Nokia 301 saves a life from bullet

Nokia 301 saves a life from bullet!

Nokia once had phones which were well known for their toughness. Now the phones are being made for sensitive handling. But Nokia has its brand mark even in making the new ones.

Nokia 301

A company phone 301 is said to have saved a man’s life by protecting him from a bullet. Images of the scenario have also been uploaded by Peter Skillman, Microsoft General Manager of UX for windows desktop, in twitter.


With the incident taking place and Peter Skillman posting it, the twitterati began to remind each other those good old days when they used to have Nokia 1100, 3310, 6600 phones. Some have posted memes regarding the durability of  phones


This is not the first time that Nokia saved a man’s life as it had already dne it back in 2014 when a policeman was about to get shot but saved by Lumia 520 which was in his shirt pocket.

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