Where to place a cellphone !!

No matter if there is money in the pocket or not, a cell phone in the hand is compulsory in this generation. This is the time where the digital world is run by a small cellphone in the hand. As the functionality because of a cell phone is increasing, there is a huge loss without a cell phone.
Tech experts are saying some secrets for good life of a cell phone. As cellphone has become a part of our body, care should be taken for long life of the battery. They said about where not to place the cell phone in order to keep a phone healthy. The first is the back pocket should not be used to put the cell phone and second is it should be far from AC and refrigerator. Third hazard is keeping in the sun and fourth is keeping close to the Hob or microwave. Due to the temperature differences in these places, there is a chance of phone getting damaged according to the tech experts.

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